As if Taserin' folks wasn't bad enough...

Cops just aren't satisfied...if they're not electrocuting people, then it's something else. Always something else. Now another psychopath cum "officer" in Seattle is attempting to sue to get his gun and badge back. Why was he dismissed you ask? Because apparently he was seeing demons at the police station.

Ummm. No, you can't have the lethal weapon back officer. Can I interest you in some crayons and pudding instead?

He argues, naturally, that he is being discriminated against on the basis of his religion. More sane persons would argue that, no, in fact, he is a delusional man who needs to be kept as far away from handguns and the civil liberties of others as is humanly possible. Don't worry, First Amendment lovers, that douchewad Jay Sekulow (a/k/a Jews for Jesus guy)* will probably be on the case.

* Don't even get me started on those guys. Jesus was a Jew, who expressly intended his teachings to be for the Jews and never the goyim. He was obviously disavowed as a false prophet but that doesn't change anything. Besides, the whole point of these millenarian, Dominionist nutjobs is to make nice with Israel for the sole purpose of bringing about the fucking Apocalypse. Ugh.

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