Int'l Rule of Law: Welcome back!

If you would like to know why Republicans consistently fought off the U.S.'s involvement in the International Criminal Court (ICC), it's this: Sudan's President Beshir has had a warrant issued for his arrest for war crimes committed in Darfur. Under his orders, there was systemic rape and murder as a means of terrorizing the population; and, the lovely tactic of raping children as a form of torture.

Beshir is the first sitting Head-of-State to be arrested by the ICC. It is interesting to note preciely why Beshir is being tried...for war crimes. The exact same charge leveled against Rumsfeld, Cheney -and, eventually, Bush. There are several grounds upon which any nation in the world may arrest, and bring to justice, perpetrators before the ICC: Torture, piracy, war crimes and genocide...so-called "universal jurisdiction".

Having seen the "democratically" elected President's Administration over the past eight years, was it a wonder that the GOP fought like hell against international rule of law? Don't believe me? They tried to pass a bill against the ICC...Shit, they even wrote defiance of the court into their damned political platform.

See ya' Thugs, Welcome back, Rule of Law.

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