Lawya: Headlines from the early week

At the risk of being hyperbolic, it's been one helluva' week on the lawya' front here in America. Let's take a peek shall we?

John Yoo and Jay Bybee (OLC for the Bush White) most notorious for torture emails, suspending posse comitatus, etc, finally have had light shed on them like scurrying roaches. Their legal opinions, long classified (and I have no idea why, other than the fact that those memos were patently unconstitutional) have now been released by the Obama administration. And the truth shall set ye free.

More on Yoo: Did you know that this alleged "scholar" actually recommended extremely curbing, and potentially overriding the First Amendment based on "war powers"? Never mind that it can't be done, he's a fucktard and a fascist who in turn worked for a group of fucktard fascists.

Fifteen gay couples are suing Massachusetts for abridging their "right" to marry. Since states can, and do, place preconditions on a liberty interest explicitly recognized under state law, the couples are going to lose this one.

The U.S. Atty in California gave Roid King Barry Bonds a major coup, by indefinitely delaying his grand jury for perjury.

The Supreme Court gave a final "f' you" to Vietnam veterans, and a huge legal win for Dow, by refusing to hear the vets' Agent Orange case.

The Septagenarian Nine (e.g., The Supreme Court) got all high tech by YouTubing some Court proceedings.

Finally, out in Colo. Springs congential liar, fuckstick and "vice-president" Dick Cheney got a subpoena straight reinstated against him. Query? How does the Anti-Christ swear upon a Bible to tell the whole truth, so help him God?

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