Going on Hiatus

As y'all know, February has been really sporadic. Dealing with surgeries, preparing to take over one of the attorney's work loads while he's on vacation, getting swamped with my own work...and the simple matter of a wedding.

 Like this, only without wings...

March 13, 2011. At the City of Refuge, before the sight of one of the most bloodthirsty gods on the Island (KU, war), the long-suffering Fetching Frau Schatten and I will be ending our years of living in sin, and joining the millions of other Americans raking in the tax benefits, shared student loan consolidation, and first-time homebuyer credits.

 Really, one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Last night, the first of dozens of people started arriving. The Meathead flies in on Friday. And, simply put, I'm going to be too slammed over the next two weeks to really keep up here.

I plan on doing a few posts...and I have a follow-up that I really want to get to later today, but posting will be akin to a man actually getting picked up at a bar by a hot chick: Sporadic, pleasantly-surprising, and drunken.

In the meanwhile, please check out Fellow Traveler Siouxsie Law. She's got your fashion tips, outrageous lawsuits, and much more --all from a darker perspective.

When we meet again, on a more semi-regular basis, I'll be a changed man. Until that day, however, let's take it out with some boobies?

Kellie Gardener (Vintage Kellie G)...
Absolutely makes my heart skip a beat.

BTW: This picture is (c) Kellie G.
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You'll be a better person for it, and her ad revenue will thank you.



Say what you will about psychotic, strung-out, Libyan dictator, Qadaffi...

And, trust me, plenty of people have said some very negative things during his 40 years in power, but one thing cannot be denied.

The man can absolutely pimp up some "crazed/deranged Autocrat" clothing.

This one, by far, is my favorite. Hell, I'd wear that to court.
Part RPG villain/part geometric nightmare from 1987, this bold scarlet and gray design is the shit.

Monday, Monday.

Not a particularly great one: Through some extreme schmoozing was able to pick up an awesome client over the weekend, thus keeping alive the dream of paying off my student loans, in one lump sum cash payment...

But probably not anytime soon.

On the downside; one of my friend's firms went under on Thursday, on Friday several of my friends were disappointed as a $25bn dollar Boeing plant, and the associated $100 bn boost to the local economy, was submitted to Saint Louis rather than Mobile; on Saturday, found out a homie has MS, and another friend's sig o lost her job.

Add to that the fact that I'm in self-imposed detox (can't chew down Dilaudid 24/7 ya' know).

So, let's just permit Monday's grumpiness to rain down on us like Heaven's fury. In fact, there may even be a song about that...lemme' double check. Yep. There is.

Deicide's Angel of Agony.

Obnoxious. Loud.
Just the way Satan Rock is meant to be.