Today's Hot Nerds: Ladies of the Opera

So, sympatico Jeanne at Large Employer, went to see La Boheme last night, which got me to thinking about A) how much I do enjoy the opera, and B) what high class super hottie nerds are in the opera. Thus, today's edition is devoted to the drop-dead gorgeous nerds of opera.

Meet Ms. Renee Fleming

Of course, Sarah Brightman...

And, if Scarlett Johansson is too busy, this is option 1A for my holocaust fuck fantasy...Ms. Anna Netrebko. %&^*#$&*QWD* I friggin' drool over her.

Anna, will you please release the restraining order now? I promise they're only flowers this time?


Mr. Crack Spider's Bitch

Nice web, Mr. Caffeine Spider...Building a web is for suckas.

This is just plain funny, I don't care who you are. (h/t Monkey)


Behold, the rejuvenating powers of Bacon

I love bacon; useless, overly-salted, fatty, non-meat that it is. As some friends as I were discussing over cocktails a few weeks ago, there is simply not a single thing that bacon doesn't improve.

Obviously, there is my holy grail: The bacon sandwich

Cardiologists be damned, this looks tasty.

Someone said, cake? To which I replied, certainly cake. And, voila:

Yummm, carrot cakes with bacon...perfect hangover food

Someone else questioned whether bacon would make a good drink. And, naturally, it does.

Bacon and Bourbon, and idea who's time has clearly come

Finally, a fellow bacon-aficionado, did raise the question whether bacon and cunnilingus would be a good fit, and I stated emphatically that bacon sex would still be better than non-bacon sex simply because of the additive awesomeness of Bacon. I am not alone...Tyson, this one's for you:

If bourbon and bacon is an idea who's time has come, then boobs and bacon clearly deserves its 15 minutes of glory.

Real life is a bitch...

Ahhhh, lil' feller need some palate work?

I somehow forgot that being a professional* sometimes requires actual hard work; like 24 straight days with no time off, 90 hour weeks, etc. But, in the end, it levels off, and you actually get to spend some time with a good book/friend/lover/silent sob/miscellaneous blog. My personal ETA for this is about 10 days. But, until I can actually enjoy those things again, I give you random baby Boston Terriers...the ET-so-ugly-they're-cute dogs. The Monkey Girl loves these damned things...they do have personality, I will say that.

*Of course, I don't feel too professional when I'm sitting in my boxers, drinking beer and playing video games...thinking about choices for dinner: More GoldFish with Swiss cheese or a chili dog.

so many beautiful things....

Alright, Universe, you win...I am impressed.

There truly are some beautiful things in the universe, like this, the "hand" of an immature nebula. Some of the most profound and moving photos come from our deep space telescopes. Humbling does not do this justice, especially when you consider the "hand" is 150 million light years long...and it's a small smear of color in the void.


Today's hot nerd: Girls of Dungeons and Dragons

Sure, you're skinny, but I won't hold that against you...not with that lacework. Your Dungeon Master says +3 to attack that ass.

In memory of the recently departed Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, let's pour a 40 and give some props to super-fucking hotties who like a lil' role playin'. Besides the above Zooey Deschanel, and the below Layla Kayleigh, we can add to this list Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman, two well-known smarties (and, in the case of ScarJo, my current Armegeddon fuck fantasy...if only she were brunette/dreaded/tatted, etc, not that it matters when you're 36D-25-38 and 5'1").

I know why they're called "hit points"

Shit, forgot the hat tip to Double Viking for this treasure.


Today's Hot Nerd: Melora Craeger

Who said the consumption can't be beautiful?

Who else blends Victorian fashion, dark sensibilities, and distorted cello to create a delicious mess of sound and sexy? Rasputina. God Bless you, Melora.

I challenge you to find something sexier than this.

real life is slowing down...eventually

It's Newton's Second Law...you can't stop it baby!

Gawd, 90 hour weeks are busting my ass. But, I'm getting settled in, and caught up from the messes I inherited, so very soon, my existence will not be like this sofa...