...and darkness falls...

Not upon me, to the contrary, things are looking up -both personally, professionally, with the economy and with the nation. No, darkness descends rather on this little endeavor of mine.

Whistling by the graveyard...

For the better part of 3 1/2 years, I've kept this up in various incarnations. However, it's lately become a job more than an avocation --and one that I increasingly am reluctant to do. It's not that I don't like the random data dumps, or pictures of beauty, or a song for every occasion, or foaming leftist rhetoric; it's rather that I just don't feel it anymore.
A hobby should be a labor of love, and that love isn't here right now.

Maybe I'll return one day, after a month or so of sabbatical, but for now, I need to let the curtain fall...and just be. 

Thank you all...and, for now, farewell.

Not dead, but sleeping...



  1. enjoy your break while i catch up on the nerd girl collection! ' ' )

  2. Thanks...I actually believe my sabbatical is concluded: Packed up for Hawai'i; caught up on work; and now is the long breath before the plunge!