Tasers: Cops are out of control

The tasing of people has simply gotten out of control. The most recent death, in Brisbane Australia, was the result of police forcing a 16 year old boy to either be tased or to lay in the road and be detained. His skull got crushed by a motorist, and he died horrifically. Perfectly rational people do not lay down on a speeding motorway unless they are afraid of being killed in another manner. This is one such case.
It is absolutely time to recognize that these are lethal devices, to ONLY be used as an alternate to deadly force. In the past five years, over TWO HUNDRED people have died as a result of having tasers' 20,000 lethal volts course through their bodies. Contrast that to the deaths-by-cop from service weapons; it's about 600 per year. It seems a small number, about a 1:15 ratio. But, that's still 6% of police deaths from a supposedly "safe" method of detaining people.
Among the more egregious instances:
  1. Cops tasing a man who was trying to leave an E.R...with a baby in his arms...who had been waiting in the E.R. for hours and wanted to get treatment elsewhere for the child.
  2. Babies being tased when cops miss...happens more than you think.
  3. The above sickening tale.
And other excesses. Would a cop shoot at a man holding a baby for the simple fact of trying to leave an E.R.? Doubtful. This is another example of a psychopathic police personality, in an increasingly authoritarian police mindset,

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