I defy you to not laugh...

Ladies & Germs, this week's absolute win...Have a drunken/stoned/debaucherous weekend miscreants.

Where is your god now, mofo?


Fuck a Nebraska Judge right in the ear...

In the srsly wtf category, via agitprop literature American Bar Association Journal comes this heart-felt story of judicial emphathy

Advocates for rape victims are raising concerns about a Nebraska judge’s threat to jail a 24-year-old woman who is refusing to testify about alleged childhood sexual abuse.

Huh? Por qua? Que? What the fuck?

Judge Paul Merritt Jr. of Lancaster County said the woman would be held in contempt of court and jailed for 90 days if she doesn’t testify, the Lincoln Journal Star reports. His order was stayed pending the woman’s appeal, which argues she will face disgrace and humiliation if she testifies.

Do it, goddamit. Do it!!!

What kind of horseshit is this? Lady doesn't want to testify to horrific abuse. The prosecutors may have to find additional evidence to make their case absent her cooperation. Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot...she's already made their fucking case for them:

The alleged victim cooperated with investigators last August, reportedly getting Riensche to admit to inappropriate touching in a recorded conversation, the Associated Press reports. In March, however, she refused to answer questions in a deposition. 

So, let me get this straight. She cooperated with investigators, gave them enough to get the creeper to essentially hang himself, and now, because she no longer wishes to aid in the investigation, via deposition, then she will  be jailed? Lookit, I understand the Defense gets an opportunity to depose the lady. I do. But, the guy has already admitted to molesting her.  Why doesn't the defense counsel do the right fucking thing here and settle/plead out this piece of shit.

More importantly, why issue jail time to a woman who's having to relive trauma which all-but assuredly fucked her up...at the risk of imprisonment. Inherent contempt powers can be tailored much more narrowly than this. So, why not?

Whether you're 24 or 7, it all hurts, Fuckface.


Friday: So far, so good....

Now, enjoy a fucking hilarious, yet brutal start, to your day...

...and yes, I do have some things coming. What? I have no idea, but there are about 12 things half-done, so I'll pick 2 or 3!

Fuck and Yes, please.



Fuck Thursday...

Started by waking up too early, then another quake in Japan, followed by a fight (which, I fear, will not be the first of the day, but hopefully the only one with this person).

Not particularly angry. Just apathetic. And, tired of being spoken to as though a child.

So, have some thumb-sucking for your shit Thursday.

Fuck it. 
We all deserve this...


Tribute to the first Horror Film.

The German Expressionist film, 1902's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. 

If you're so inclined you can Google all of the wonderful (and occasionally supremely flaky) discussions of German Expressionism contained therein, and the impact that the film had on later noir film-makers.

Or, just follow this link (cuz I'm a sweetheart) --> http://tinyurl.com/455rdeu

Anyway, enjoy, and I'll see you kids later.

Sleep tight.


Guess what? Mind. Blown.

Humanity may, just may not be the center of the universe. Hate to break the news to anyone still living in pre-Renaissance feudal Europe.

I wish I could embed this fantastic Flash piece  Portugese site, HTwins.net. Therein you get the true scale of the Universe, and all life, features and matter (hypothetical or otherwise), from the impossibly micro (Quantum foam), to the boundaries of this plane of existence (930 million light years across).

Please, go now. You won't be disappointed, although you might be humbled...rightly so.

The universe is so vast in scope that our frail simian brains cannot even fathom it without caving in ourselves.

No petty description of hell or heaven or eternal delights or silly superstition puts humanity more in its place than pondering the imponderable that is our universe...and possibly our multiverse.

Wednesday is NOT winning...

All but won my arbitration yesterday, thank you limine hearings. But was a long, long day.

Wednesday here is gloomy, raining and otherwise humpday 'meh'. Still, that's cool, maybe people will leave me the fuck alone and I can get my work done (or just get drunk in the office).

Let's have some appropriate apathy/self-loathing music, shall we? From New Orleans hails the progenitor of the Southern Sludge style: Crowbar. These guys are living legends, never mellowed one bit, and importantly, their lyrics are solely based on pain, self-loathing, anger, anger over pain, pain over self-loathing and self-loathing over anger (I believe you get the point now).

This little ditty has the appropriately uplifting title, "I have failed".

Do not listen to these lyrics if you've just been fired.
Trust me, I did it once...surprised I'm still here to tell the tale.


Congrats to Rogue and Jess of the Cruxshadows...

What a cute couple...

Jess Rogue and Rogue from the Cruxshadows are owed a great big Shadow Shout-Out. After living in sin for over a decade, the two got married last September. But, this weekend, even larger news to report...The couple had a munchkin. And goodness is she cute :)

Well, she wasn't cute then...

Seriously, congrats to the pair. They've made great music and a great relationship for a decade. What happens to the Cruxshadows is anyone's guess. I suppose there will be a real quick maturation process and some introspection. But, no matter what happens, even if the ride ends with us, their journey is just beginning....

36 hours? Fashionably late aren't you young lady?


Our species is doomed. DOOMED!

Why today, you may ask?


 Gaugin wants to know what's the big deal with breasts?

Whatever you call 'em, they are clearly evil...at least to one deranged nutjob at the National Museum in Washington...

From the Washington Post

Screaming “This is evil,” a woman tried to pull Gauguin’s “Two Tahitian Women” from a gallery wall Friday and banged on the picture’s clear plastic covering, said Pamela Degotardi of New York, who was there.
“She was really pounding it with her fists,” Degotardi said. “It was like this weird surreal scene that one doesn’t expect at the National Gallery.”

Want to see the "EVIL"? Of course you do...It's Gaugin's "Two Tahitian Women", and so clearly trafficks to our base, prurient interests that it has no artistic merit. Whatsoever.


There is some good news to the extent that some people (mainly ones visiting museums) don't take kindly to the attempted destruction of an international treasure...
“She was really pounding it with her fists,” Degotardi said. “It was like this weird surreal scene that one doesn’t expect at the National Gallery.”

The woman who allegedly attacked the painting was “immediately restrained and detained” by the museum’s federal protection ser­vices officers, who charged her with destruction of property and attempted theft, Ziska said in a statement.

The painting’s alleged attacker was “tackled by a guy who was visiting the gallery,” Degotardi said. She described him as a social worker from the Bronx.

So, well done Bronx social worker. And, well done to save the painting. As of this writing, no damage has been reported.

...of course that does nothing to diminish the fact that our entire species is well and truly fucked.

h/t Kleph


Monday's Late Start...but at least you get a great band...

Denmark's Volbeat. A bizarre combo of metal, punk, rockabilly and country-swing.

I love these guys. Hope you enjoy 'em too :)