Welcome to the new Gothlaw

After weeks of work to export, save, migrate and then modify the site, it is finally complete. There are a few new things I'd like to point out first, before I begin re-posting in earnest. Let's begin shall we?

Sure Proust was a wordy bastard, but did he author a pointless blog? 
I think not. Suck it, Marcel!

In no particular order, here are the changes
  • A lot of new folks on the Blog Roll; among them are: the incomparable Stoya's Tumblr site, some new law links, greatly reduced idylls, some humorous and/or juvenile stuff, educational sites, some people I find interesting, new erotica (SFW and otherwise), and, really, anything else that struck my fancy.
  • But, my best find is Siouxsie Law (<-- Psst, over there). Another lawyer of a gothic bent. Needless to say, I was tickled. I knew I couldn't be the only one. So, let's say hail and well met to Siouxsie. I'm not sure if she does litigation and appellate law like me, but we're kind of a fucked up breed to begin with.
  • The look is a lot less polished, a lot more focused, a lot less cluttered, and -- hopefully -- more readable. After all, reading is the point of a blog, and a site design should make it easier and friendlier, not give you a migraine.
  • In the site redesign are some new things. The translation bar still appears, although it as the bottom of the page. To my international visitors, I say thanks again, and I hope that assists you. Some other elements have been removed and/or consolidated.
  • My profile has been updated.
  • I have also included a "popularity contest"; an-up-to-the-moment snapshot of the most popular pages for the current week (I dare say Hot Nerd Girls will feature prominently most of the time...there are about 2+ years worth to choose from).
  • There are new links within each post, for social sharing, as well as direct email functions.
There are some more minor things, as you'll discover. Anyway, take a look around, whistle by the graveyard, and feel free to comment on anything you wish. I'm a big boy, and I'm not easily offended!

If you want to reach me, I can always be reached at concave.scream@yahoo.com. You can also add me to your Y! or MSN Messenger using that same address.

Until tomorrow, pleasant dreams of soft rain humming into a quiet night.



  1. yay, gothlaw!
    hey, i'm the person who made siouxsielaw's logo. i also made those promo videos on her site. anyway, i would be happy to make a logo for you, if you like.

    i'm not a lawyer and i'm not really goth, but I support weirdness in the workplace.

  2. Don't believe Amy. She is totally goth.

    Thanks for the mention. Yes on litigation and appellate work. I'll look for you at the next meeting of the Goth Law section of the ABA. I'll be wearing black.

    Darkest wishes,

  3. Thanks ladies!

    And, Amy, the vids and logo you cranked out for Siouxsie were awesome. I'd be delighted to take you up on it.

    Shoot me an email (concave.scream@yahoo.com) and let me know what you need on this end, and how much you charge, etc. :)

    Siouxsie, also, if I could go the rest of my professional career without trial work I would die a happy, happy man. Love appeals, commercial and real estate arb/mediation is pretty sweet too, but juries? Damn, I'm expected to know the law, lived the facts, persuade a judge (at several dozen preliminary step), then put on my acting shoes? Too, too much.