I now share my new/renewed fixation: Pinups.

Sure, the sexy nerd girls do it for me; attraction is 50% physical and 50% between the ears. But, also being a big fan of pretty, feminine things, pinups have become increasingly a fave; especially, with the alt-underground style which pays homage to retro pinups. Sure, we all know Dita Von Teese, but there are tons of very lovely pinups out there.

So, let's celebrate their beauty, and overall punkabilly chic.

Today brings us one straight from the ole Gmail inbox: Violet Valentine.

I reject your starving women and substitute something a bit more on the curvier side, thx.

All good pinups have several common features: Soft lines, luxuriant hair, a strong handsome face, bright beautiful eyes and a great smile. Congratulations Violet, you meet all of the above. 
Beautiful lady.

Tip o' the satin top hat to the excellent Pinup Post. Go, pay them a visit now minions.


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