Thursday is feeling sexy...or revolting.

I just can't decide which one yet.

I used to play this every set at Paradox/Metro. Why? Because it's so damned sleazy; this Revolting Cocks cover of Rod Stewart's "Do ya' think I'm Sexy" is the auditory equivalent of chlamydia, yet is surprisingly danceable. The video, will make you want to shower afterwards...which could be a good thing, depending on your mood.

Enjoy some unadulterated sleaze to start your day. 

Tip 'o the cap to the incomparable DJ Zillah (who drank too much gin) for turning me on to this so long ago.



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  1. BTW" Forgot to add that this cover features "Ministry's" Al Jourgensen; one of the godfather's of industrial sleaze.

    Industrial done well melts your fucking face