Sen. Burris? May I show you the door?

Toast. Caput. Done. Finito. Coda.

Goodbye Sen. Burris. After providing three wholly inconsistent, contradictory explanations about what Blago did or did not say to you, attempt to extract from you, etc., I think it's time (even if those are benign "mistakes") to take a hike. The office which you seek, and which you've held for less than a month, cannot be impeded by the -deserved- criminal, ethics and internal probes into this pitiful Senate-for-sale scheme.

You have fought tooth and nail for this opportunity. Now that you have tasted it, it is time to relinquish it to someone above reproach. Or, failing that, relinquish it someone that we, the American People -and your constituents- can look at without wondering whether they hold their positions from pure graft.

You deserve better. The Senate deserves better. And Illinois absolutely deserves more than a byblow of the corrput Blagojevich regime.

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