Chaos, bitches, chaos!

Yeah, like that, only not as sexy. Loki approves.

That about sums it up...Life still in flux (the real one, where you get hired, fired, pay bills, deal with kids, etc). But, soon, very soon, I can return to hiding in plain view. Until then, chaos bitches, chaos!!!


Today's Hot Nerd...Cammy Cosplay

Yes, I know it's a fighting character from Street Fighter. But, this enterprising young lady has taken the onus on herself to dress as Cammy, and is a big time gamer. That makes you a nerd, ma'am, the outfit makes you dead sexy. Thank your parents ;)


Fox News has an uncle molesting fetish.

What. The. Fuck.

This was FauxNews Nutwork reporter Dagen McDowell said about the stimulus plan yesterday...

"You don't want to think if you get in bed with Uncle Sam he's going to strip you naked, chain you to the bed, leave you there and then take nasty pictures of you and then put them on the Internet," she said during an America's Newsroom broadcast on March 24.

Holy. Shit.

Did you bring the chains and camera, Uncle?

today's hot nerd: Natalie Portman

What do you get for the gal that speaks five languages and holds a sheepskin from Harvard. That's a trick question...you get her shoes!

She is a self-described nerd, wants to be intelligent more than she wants to be famous, is already on the Cannes jury, and has -without post-baccalaureate training- already published peer-reviewed scientific papers. Did I mention that she's also gorgeous?


I have a steam monster in my vagina...or a troll

H/T the DList.

You must click this image...you must.

Wh00t1!1! Back on line baby!!

After the interminable real life shit, and dealing with horrific Cox Cable (ironic, no?), Der Schatten is back. Wh00t!1!1!

Now, for some sobering news. By today at 3:00 pm, I stared at the four stacks of shit on my floor, and realized that I have about $300, 000, 000 worth of liability to parse through. My files, my $$, my ass on the line. No pressure, eh?