Moving day...

Morning world,

As you may have noticed, this one has been on hiatus since about April. Lot of real world betwixt then and now, notably a bar exam and getting killed at work. As a result, this little corner of madness has been pushed aside.

Love you, Johnette

I've missed it, yet I realize that it is untenable in its current form.  But, in typical compromise fashion, I've decided to try a different approach. One that will allow me to dump some short term thoughts and the like on willing victims.

So, I'm moving to Tumblr for the foreseeable future. Predictably, the URL is http://gothlaw.tumblr.com Come pay me a visit, I'll pour you a drink, and we can share some thoughts. But, for now, 'tis moving day...hope to see you soon.

Did I mention that my new digs are cozy?