Wednesday is SO VERY excited about this tripleheader...

So, this morning, my iPod randomly played one of the most unheralded, yet powerful, bands I've heard in my three decades on the mortal coil: Canaan.

You may have heard of their original act, Ras Algethi. Named after an Arabic star, Oneiricon - The White Hypnotic, is so ridiculously hard to find that you wouldn't believe it.  But if you can, sell a kidney to a sketchy Thai prostitute to get this one! (or, send me an email, and I'll rip you a copy, DMRC be damned).

Anyway, following the demise of Ras Algethi, the Italian Berbers who comprised the group resurfaced in Italy, their home land, under a new name: Canaan. The music is much the same as Ras Algethi: Transcendentalist, Atmospheric, Gothic Doom Rock.

In short, they are the one, and only, band I've ever heard that sounds like this. And, Loki bless 'em for that. More importantly, bless Loki that someone else in YouTube land has heard them! Enjoy, won't you?

Please enjoy them, as well as my recommendations to enhance your listening pleasure.

Canaan's Grey...
Shadow Recommends: Grey Goose and sullen masturbation in a dawning sky.
* * * 

A Magic Farewell...
Shadow Recommends: Klonipin & luke warm black coffee 

* * * 

Ghosts of Betrayal...
Shadow recommends: Speedball & grits; you've hit rock bottom.


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