Cartoon Characters I Want To Sleep With: Velma Dinkley

Velma gets such a bad rap. I can't imagine why, though. What's not to love? The shapely figure, pleated skirt, power-lesbian bob, knee-length tights, and snug sweater really does it for me.

 Well-visualized, sayeth I.

Besides, she is the coolest of the gang (and by far the most ambitious). While Scoobs and Shaggy are horking down bowls of dank, and Daphne is strip-teasing to Fred's ascot, our erstwhile brainy, sexy heroine has to do all the mystery-solving

Even better when realized with Linda Cardellini's breasts...

There is definitely a surfeit of disturbing Velma porn out there too: Velma on Daphne, Velma in bondage, Velma being mounted by Scooby (that one has to be Dutch or German), and lots and lots of Velma topless and/or upskirt tributes.

I thought I was a pervert...
So, for all you nerd-lovers out there; and all of you who cling on to hope that a cartoon will one day unleash the naughty-librarian sex fiend within, please enjoy (indeed, respect) Velma Dinkley. Especially when Linda Cardellini is depicting her.

We can all get behind nerd porn...

 I don't remember this much cleavage in Scooby Doo. However, I am certain I would have spent much more of my youth in front of the television, if so.