Monday has a Sad Panda day...

Off to a bad start, Boils and Ghouls. At 4:45 my alarm (a/k/a iPhone Alarm O' Doom) went off, as I had some early work to do before I get to the office. I turned on the LED Flashlight App to walk down the stairs and -POOF- Phone is dead.

No problems, figured I: I'll just plug it in, let it charge, and then start my day with some coffee and the  the invaluable Twitter/Facebook/email/Angry Birds Quadrafection of Awesome (tm).

No luck. It appears I have a firmware issue that my little Mac Book can't fix. This is a job for the Big Mac at the office (and, more importantly, do it on my boss's time, rather than my own).

May not be around much today, if I have to make a trip to the Apple Store. Just in case, enjoy the Sad Sexual Harassment Panda, won't you?

Remix, yo.