Old School Sexist Ads...

They say they just don't make 'em like they used to anymore. Usually that statement is for the worse. But, sometimes it is for the better.

I wonder how many amphetamines are in these "vitamins"?
Relatedly, I'm pretty sure she's actually really sporting a post-O glow judging by the grip she has on the business end of that duster.

 * * *
Subtle sexism. Oh, 1975, you cad. 
Also, I'm pretty sure you'd never get laid, even in the 70's, kicking around in one of these.
* * *

As understated as the Subaru ad was, the Midol ad from 1974 is definitely lacking in subtlety. 
The entire ad screams "DON'T BE A PSYCHO! DO IT FOR YOUR MAN!"
I was going to comment that this might be an effective post-feminism ad today, but I really don't want to get bitten by a certain woman who may or may not read this, and may or may not be a hormonal terror machine when she does. 

* * *

This may look sexist, but really, what special broad in your life doesn't want a nice electric mixer?
Empirical fact: The skirts make better bread than just regular ole' guys.
Bonus points to this one for cliched emotional warfare, as well.
* * *

The Del Monte ad from 1962 is tits-out awesome. Simple in its message, sparse in its verbiage, and 100% "chicks are weak" screaming out at you from the decades gone past.
I give hippies a lot of shit, and I give self-serious doctrinaire liberals even more shit (despite being lefty, go figure), but reasons like this are absolutely why our mothers lost their fucking minds in the '60s and '70s. They had a pretty good reason to.


  1. More! More! More!

  2. That's awesome.... Who knew those days of making your husband martinis and fetching his house slippers would ever be over? And NOW they have us working our asses off, in and out of home... Bastards!

  3. Freaking fantastic! That Subaru ad HAD to have been in Playboy. And I could actually use some new appliances....