So, you went to law school...

Last week, I repub'd Wahoo Corner's excellent YouTube video "So, you want to go to law school". To say this video has gone viral in legal circles is just a slight underestimation, and -frankly- does no justice to the word viral.  The power of the simple 5-minute snark is that it is painfully true, as well as darkly satirical, as we explore Carrie-Ann Fox has her questions answered from the jaded, legal veterans about the career and interpersonal toll of the law.

The Corner's newest effort, I am very pleased to report, has Suzy in law school. Thus far, there are two installments of "So, You Want To Go To Law School: The Series".

Episode One: Wherein Carrie-Ann Fox meets with her 2L mentor and is told the hard facts of life as a 1L.

* * *
Episode Two: The first day of 1L, wherein Carrie-Ann discovers the malevolence of the Socratic Method, and makes a nemesis of Prof. Walker in Civ Pro. 

This video will likely be republished tomorrow. It relates to my own nemesis, also a Civ Pro professor, and the enmity which included several nasty words and almost came to blows.


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