Monday trusts you had a great weekend

A lot went on this weekend. I had a social meeting with a client at a yacht club. I didn't realize that half of the "other half" hate the other half of the "other half", but it was enlightening, especially for upjumped trash like myself.

There were some exceptionally strange news items, which I hope share with you as I get the time later this week. And, finally, it seems that I may have finally dug myself out of my three-month hole. Just in time for the Holidays, too!

I'll be along shortly, but, until then, enjoy some old school King Missile, won't you?

So, that's what happened to it? I thought it was just law-related atrophy.
Sadly, one's penis becomes less used about the same time one's metaphorical balls grow.
Sick, sad direct inverse correlation, no?

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