Happy 1000th Post, Kari Byron

Thanks Kari...We've been through a lot.

This is Shadow's 1000th post here since Jan of '09. Without a doubt, the most highly sought after, trafficked-for content involves Ms. Kari Byron.

It's not pervy if it's in the name of science.

During that time, I've posted a lot of Hot Nerd Girls, a few gothic chicks, and a not-insubstantial amount of pinups. But, of the hundreds of lovely ladies, Kari Byron continues to capture the imagination (and SEO) of thousands of folks daily...that lil' popular post thing over to your left is reset weekly. the middle and bottom changes, but the top always remains the same.
C'mon...like you wouldn't watch her butt scan?

For those of you who came for Kari, but stuck around for the insanity and randomness, danke. For those who came for Kari, danke. Just remember, that as awesomely hot as she is, Ms. Byron also wields some impressive nerd-entials. It's the brain that counts, and the sense of humor. Long after we've all aged, and wrinkled, and (for some) gone on to whatever awaits, those are the things that are important.

But, until then...we can all agree that her in a silver bikini is pretty awesome!



  1. dat bikini!
    Also, this is totally what she'd do in the bedroom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhAR5VS44NU

  2. The traffic is well-deserved.