Wednesday got back on track...

...thank god. Tons of fights with "real world" entities; wrote two briefs in a day-and-a-half, and have been trying to run 5 mediations/arbitrations while preparing for a March Wedding and two May trials.

Der Schatten is overworked, undersexed, and grossly underpaid.

Still, I'll take that over the alternative: Underworked, unpaid and non-sexed.

Not that it's relevant to you and I, but last evening we watch the follow up to PBS's 1991 "Dancing Outlaw" (Jesco White), a fascinating, and frankly touching documentary about the rest of the Mountain folk and the White family specifically. Got me in the mood for some dark, dark bluegrass.

If this doesn't bring the fear of god into ya', nothing will...
Dr. Ralph Stanley's evocative "O' Death".

My great granny used to sing this us when I was a wee kid in North Carolina.

American Gothic, yo.

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