News from the Homeland: Nothing seems to change edition

Angles and trajectories...not just for Lee Harvey Oswald kids!!!

You've heard of this incredibly idiotic geometry teacher in Corner, AL (whoo hoo, Birmingham!!!), who decided that it would be a great idea to teach children the concept of angles and triangulation by imagining shooting the President of the United States.

 This story needs more "what the fuck"?

wish I were joking, but alas, it really did happen. Naturally, the Secret Service investigated the matter. Perversely, the teacher was cleared, and no action is being taken for this idiotic nonsense. Leave it to my home state though to corner the market on crazy. But, maybe it's not so crazy after all.

Given our illustrious history and past experiences with black people, maybe there are other areas (besides assassination) that present  perfect teaching moments, especially in the sciences.

For instance, have children calculate the pounds-per-square inch of the water used by the Birmingham Police department:

Or, have the Vet Students at Auburn University name this species of animal and the hazards associated with it.

Perhaps, we could calculate the foot-pounds of pressure the atmosphere generates from a short 6-8 foot drop?

We can't leave out the future entrepernuers, so why not a mock business scenario on the cost-benefits of having an "exclusive" business model? 

How about mapping exercises featuring certain demographic characteristics? Bonus points if you include a railroad track!

C'mon Alabama, as a proud resident for the better part of 30 years and a home-grown product, I have faith that we can turn that pesky 20th century around, and give our children the education they deserve. Let's do this (with Jesus''s help of course...a White, Baptist Jesus, naturally).


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