The ugliest shoes ever: Libby Edelman

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All hail His Hairness.

Sometimes, on the weekends, I zone out to the Home Shopping Network or QVC. It's a habit that began in art school; it was mindless patter, and occasionally entertaining. But, when burning the midnight oil, it was the closest to company that you could get.

Last weekend, however, after a session with MST3K on Netflix, I stumbled across the most ghastly collection of footwear known to man. Libby Edelman. If ever the DSM IV definition of histrionic could be synthesized into clothing, this is it. 

This collection is described as "organic"

which would be true...if your mixed up sandal weren't also gearing up for war.

This is one of the most lethal (and cheap) looking shoes ever manufactured...

I know cross-dressers who wouldn't be caught dead in this...But, props to Libby for bringing back green  CZ and snakeskin

This item seems as though it would be a good fit on the Pro Bowling circuit

Ironic considering it seems to be manufactured out of both bowling balls and the hopes and dreams of the 1980s

Finally there is this piece brought to you straight from the dumpsters of Philadelphia

Seriously I have no idea what the hell this is: Cheap straps, bronze rivets, hard rubber sole, but the nightmare is that this shoe seems to have kidnapped a turquoise and rust bandana. I'd like to say that no one would wear these, but, sadly, I can see a dirty Eurotrash Earth muffin wearing these on the plane from Munich. She's on her way to the U.S.  to visit a rez sundance, learn Indian Coyote Spirit Magic and possibly be adopted by the tribe.
Otherwise, not a clue....

Remember kids, we're all Rick Hunt's bitches.

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