Ever wanted to commit a grisly murder on a nun?

Needs more nuns...

Apparently the people at Rock Star Games think that in the Western world of dastardly villians, you'd like to tie a nun up to railroad tracks and then let a steam locomotive run over her, and reduce her head to a fine red mist.

Not pictured: Nun crushed by train.

Although the video is down, True/Slant has the report of this new atrocity against taste by the same people who brought you urban exploitation in the Grand Theft Auto franchise:

Like any sandbox-style game, it’s full of play space where players can spontaneously live out their own fantasies of heroism or villainy. The video below is a powerful demonstration of the later.
To summarize, Rockstar’s latest game lets you hogtie a nun, kidnap her to the desert and grind the holy sister into bloody chunks and red mist under the wheels of a speeding train — an outrageous series of events lovingly captured on video and glibly presented below.

The game, Red Dead Redemption, actually looks awesome: It's lovely, vividly rendered, and full of verisimilitude. Too bad that young men in America are increasingly attracted to the Coliseum of digital torture, mutilation and creatively-horrific death; because imagination could probably stand on it's own here.

What a waste of all this talent.


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