Say goodnight, Soupy.

Comedian Soupy Sales, who perfected slapstick and made pie-in-the-face an international gag, passed away today at the age of 83. Of all his jokes, I think he particularly would have enjoyed the ultimate irony that formed his early life:

Sales was born Milton Supman on Jan. 8, 1926, in Franklinton, N.C., where his was the only Jewish family in town. His parents, owners of a dry-goods store, sold sheets to the Ku Klux Klan. The family later moved to Huntington, W.Va.

Since the world has a few less laughs now than it did yesterday, I present one of the more famous (if not bizarre) sketches from the Soupy Sales Show...Soupy meets Alice Cooper

Requiem Aeternum, there big guy (1926-2009)

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