Administrative Miscellany

As I grumbled about earlier this month, Blogger overhauled the XHTML for its hosting, meaning that there were some site-related issues on the template that I modified. It's taken about a week, but I think I finally have things a bit easier to navigate. Among some changes --and new stuff-- to the site are the following:
  • Updated the script, so hopefully the vids and images will be easier to read, and won't get chopped out of the template.
  • Speaking of pictures; you can now click on items to view a larger or full resolution image, where applicable.
  • Went to all-serif fonts to improve readability
  • Updated the Blog Roll. There is some good stuff there -some funny, some random, some deadly serious- so check 'em out.
  •  Added a visitor map, so that you can see where we're at.
  • Finally, added some public service ads. This isn't a money-making venture...so any off-site ads you click on are for good causes or non-profits. Any funds made off of this catharsis-in-256-colors will be donated to charity, with a contest TBD.
As always, thanks for dropping by. If there are lingering site issues, secret treasure maps or incessant voices in your head, drop me a tine: concave.scream@yahoo.com

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