Look at this small cylinder of latex for no particular reason...

Good ole' fundamentalists. In Lenoir, NC a man is standing trial for abusing his children in the name of god. Specifically, he stands charged with performing homegrown circumcisions...with a BOX CUTTER. Well, doesn't that hurt? He knows it hurts, but no more than providing anesthesia for said circumcision. Spaketh the Defendant"

Does piercing a child with a needle three times not cause pain? We're dealing with pain either way,

How would he know how badly it feels to have one's genitals mutilated. Oh, of course, he already did it to himself....

Marlowe, who is facing two felony counts of child abuse, testified this week he circumcised his own penis a few years ago because God told him to do so. "God, the Holy Spirit pressed me to do this ... When God presses something on you to do it, you do it,"

Wow. Just what the fuck?

 So many choices.

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