The Third Saturday in October...FEEL THE HATE

Tomorrow is the Third Saturday in October* That means two things. The first, is that I will be drinkng myself under the table; the second means that it's time for one of the South's oldest, and most intense, football rivalries: Alabama vs. Tennessee. How bad is it? The first time the two teams played, there was a riot at midfield and serious injuries after the game ended in a tie. For a balanced, respectful history of the rivalry, I direct you the the interesting concept blog: Third Saturday in Blogtober. 3SiB is hosted and written by intelligent and passionate Alabama and Tennessee fans, and is dedicated solely to this game. For fans of the history and meaningfulness behind this game, there is no finer place.

The Third Saturday game, and its history, could literally fill up volumes upon volumes...the players, the coaches, the national and conference stakes, the animus, the hard-hitting toughness and physicality that defines the teams, the players and the people of these states. For pure nastiness, and shit-talking about whose fans are more redneck, it doesn't get any better or meaner than Alabama-UT.

First up: Takes on Tennessee:

This dude is douchy...but appropriately dismissive. Kudos.

This is Tennessee getting their ass kicked last year to the UT fight song "Rocky Top". Besides Dueling Banjos, it's the only thing their band plays.

Documentary of a day in the life of Tennessee's governor.

You know it's bad when lil' kids from Kentucky even think that Tennessee is full of hillbillies.

Next up: Tennessee's Take on Alabama

Truth is better than parody: This is your typical Tennessee Volunteer fan**: An ill-educated, pun-master of suck; an Oakley-sporting, goateed, out-of-work-roofer; a cousin'-touchin' moonshiner; an OxyContin-snortin' trainwreck of humanity. Seriously, go to hell Tennessee...I hate you all with a passion unmatched by the flames from the sun or the untreated herpes you got from your sister-mom.

*I know it's the fourth Saturday, but after league expansion, they screwed the pooch on this one...
** I say "fan", because as everyone knows UT is not a university at all...it's a football team and their tutors. 

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