Well, that's just awkward for everyone: Necrophilia

So, whatchya' doin' tonight? Wanna' head to my place and grab a cold one?

A man in Cincinatti has been charged with Gross Abuse of a Corpse (God, I'd love to know the elements to that offense) after molesting dead women for 16 freakin' years!!! Among his more grisly objects of ardor are two recent Cincy Murder victims:

• Charlene Edwards, 23, also known as Charlene Apling, was strangled to death. Douglas said he had sex with her body Oct. 1, 1991, on the day she died. She was six months pregnant when she was killed by Mark Chambers, in his Avondale home. Chambers originally was charged with murder but accepted a plea bargain and was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sent to prison for 10-25 years. He was paroled in 2000.

• Angel Hicks, 24, was pushed from a third-story window and died from blunt trauma. Douglas said he had sex with that body Dec. 8, 1991. Tyrone Williams was charged with murder in the case. He was acquitted months later at trial. There was a question whether Hicks was killed or committed suicide.

And, keep in mind, this is a man already serving a 3 year sentence...for schtuppin' a decapitated 19 year old girl. According to police "Douglas was employed for 16 years, from 1976-1992, as a night attendant at the morgue. He told authorities previously that while there, he invited women in and partied with them with drugs and alcohol. He also admitted to having sex with bodies being stored while awaiting autopsies."

Just. Yuck. There may be some victimless crimes, but I'm not sure this counts as one of them....

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