The dangers of YouTube...

I love You Tube, in fact, I start every day with a different music video depending on the mood. However, some things just should never, ever be attempted on You Tube.

Like this...in fact, avoid anything that says "how to pick up girls/women"....
 However, of the many things to avoid on YouTube (juggalos, football fan videos, etc), perhaps none take the cake quite like this gentleman in England. Like many people, he wanted to learn a skill, specifically para-sailing. You're probably thinking that it's an expensive sport: you need to find a body of water, take lessons, rent or buy a good sail?
You'd be wrong, you pussy.

He really paid 300 Pounds for a Parasail off of eBay, and then taught himself how to paraglide...by solely watching YouTube videos.

He said: "I should have joined a club and got lessons but I was trying to teach myself and learn from bits I had seen on YouTube."

Mr Dixon, who used to project manage golf course construction before working entirely voluntarily for the Christian charity, added: "The thing you should never do, which I did, was tether it to a solid object.

"I went shooting up in the air, then banged down on the ground. Then I went up again.

"As I was dropping, I was thinking, 'this is serious'.

 And, serious it was...He broke his fucking back. This goes to show you that while Americans have certainly mastered the art of teh stoopid, we have by no means cornered it.

What are you waiting for? YouTube totally wouldn't lie to you...


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