Peter Nguyen Strikes Again...and Belgian Beer!

Let's just go ahead and get the Belgium portion of this post out of the way, just as I promised, every post today with feature Beglium/Belgian products...Here are Lambic beers, specifically a "framboise" or raspberry beverage. This is almost better than sex. As much as I love German brewers, Belgium nudges them out as the best in the world.

Yesterday, I posted an epic essay by a Mr. Peter Nguyen (who I devoutly hope is either a published author or a lawyer).  Here is the rest of his published/publishable corpus of essays. What he lacks in rote learning, he certainly makes up for in creativity and an eye for popular culture and modern history.

Young Peter tackles World History, specifically Christopher Columbus...

Our wordsmith intimates that Jesus was really Doctor Who...

Finally, our hero makes it to college, but does not abandon his humor...

Peter, if you're out there, drop me an email, and let me know if you're --as I suspect-- either an attorney or an axe murderer (although, in fairness, these are not mutually exclusive categories).


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