Today's Sexy Nerds: Disney Cosplay

I've touched on Cosplay ladies before (here and here), and, with it being summer and the Comicons gearing up, why not relax with some really dorky, really hot cosplay ladies? This time, with a theme. Yeah Disney! 

But, before we begin, you might want to get the special sock out for this, my favorite Disney Cosplay ever...Dita Von Tease as Snow White (<--Decidedly NSFW).


Belle did a very nice job, although I think one good stiff breeze will set Ariel's marine mammaries free...

The gang's all here; most impressive, of course, is what Tinkerbell is packing...

Snow White seems to be a recurring theme for brunettes, although I don't recall red garters in the film....
Not at all smutty, but elegant, sexy, suggestive and very true to Jasmine...the hair is fantastic. My favorite of the bunch, although hats off to all the ladies expressing their inner-dork (and sewing abilities!).