Hasn't Texas fucked America enough?

Coming to a Texas School District near you....

I don't even know what to make of Texas anymore. It's as though the lessons of Kansas' abortive, god-forsaken, politicized and grossly inaccurate textbooks taught them absolutely nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. We've all read about many of the crass examples of the new, revisionist history being shoved at children, but there is a whoooole cadre of equally silly shit in there too.

Newsweek has a good little article about the 10 silliest changes to the curriculum. If you ever wanted to be depressed, take a read. However, here's a snippet. For instance, American Imperialism is no longer included in the curriculum; instead, children will told it was "American Expansionism". However, when European Nations' expansion is discussed, it's labeled "Imperialism". And, of course, when the discussion of Russia's expansionism crops up, the Texas brain trusts call it "Communist Aggression".

Filthy commie...

4. Currently, Texan students are expected to learn about "the impact of muckrakers and reform leaders" such as Upton Sinclair and W.E.B. DuBois. McLeroy instead wants students to "contrast the tone" of such people "versus the optimism of immigrants including Jean Pierre Godet as told in Thomas Kinkade's The Spirit of America." Kinkade is the schlocky, sentimental painter popular in malls everywhere.

6. Some of the changes aren't political; they're just random. Thanks to a successful lobbying effort by a Republican from suburban Houston, Texas textbooks will now include a reference to 1920s singer and composer Julius Bledsoe. "How could any of us forget his rendition of 'Old Man River' in Showboat?" Cargill said.

 Fuck you, Texas...Right in the ear


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