The iPad hates books...and fashion sense.

For full disclosure, I am an early adopter of most new gadgets and technology, and, yes, I am one of those Mac people (and have been sense my early days in the arts). However, I do not own an iPhone because I believe your phone should actually be able to receive/make calls, and not just be a portable app device. I do not own a Kindle, because books are organic things, meant to be felt between your fingers, and curled up with on the beach or in the bath (and look hella' cool on a barrister's bookcase).

If you're billing someone $700 an hour, they expect to see books...

And, much like the iPhone (unless it ever comes in a Verizon model), I will likewise probably not own an iPad in the near future. Sure it gets on the internet, but, if you want to go to any site with Flash, you're screwed (like Facebook, for instance). In essence, it is a huge iTouch/Kindle. So, for all the good of Apple, it is clear that the iPad is meant to destroy books.

Now, it is out to destroy fashion as well. An Australian company, hoping to cash in on the latest hipster fad, has come out with clothing to accentuate your douchiness. Because, you never know when at the latest Pitchfork release party, you'll need to whip out your iPad, there are now thoughtfully produced clothing items for you to store your icon to hipness.

The iTee and the iDress...

Let that sink in for a moment...Now, in order to safeguard/show off the iPad that you spent $300 on, these clothes have a reinforced cotton pouch to store/flash your latest consumer gadget. If ever there were a walking advertisement that you should avoid someone, it's this horrific shirt and little black dress.

Besides, you look like a digital marsupial...


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