Photoshop Fail: Hot Topic goes deep (into the fascia)


H/T to the MonkeyGirl, from the wonderful Photoshop Disasters blog:

Why yes, that is a track mark on this lady's arm...but is it real?

This is technically labeled a failed Photoshop, for the track marks on the model's arm. But, I'm not so sure. I am just cynical enough to think that soulless, corporate cocksuckers would Photoshop track marks onto the chick's arm for some of that old-school heroin chic so missing from today's post-punk, alt-goth scene.  After all, this is a company that had eschews any sort of DIY ethic which made punk/goth so endearing, and now panders to the lowest common denominator of 12 year-olds by slapping black labels on bubble-gum-scented body sprays. And, as if you needed any more verification, this is the current inventory of Hot Topic. I dare you to go to their website...dare you.

Bauhaus spits on your grave, Stephanie Meyer...Bela Legosi is still undead.

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  1. Too much to handle in this moment in time,my interests are varied and eclectic...but...will be back for another look.