Code Monkey: All Done with the XML

Like the title says, I'm all done toying around with the script, and have completed the additions/revisions to the cite. Among the changes:

1. Each post includes a hyperlink for Facebook sharing, a Stumble Recommend button, and an option to add to Twitter. Feel free to use liberally.

If the Internet were a drug, StumbleUpon would be the John Belushi speedball special...

2. Over on the sidebar to your left, stage right, is the map showing the location of visitors over each three hour span...it's kind of neat to see where folks come from: Like many amoeba forming a slime mold, we're all in this together....

Let's hang!

3. And, for shits n' giggles, I've added my Twitter feed to the same sidebar. Feel free to add me to your list, and I'll do likewise, or find me at http://twitter.com/gothlaw.

So, that's all for the nonce; in the meanwhile, have some CODE MONKEY!

Jonathan Coulton is way too talented for his day job, unless said day job involves only being a singer/songwriter.

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