Today's Hot Nerd: Pauley Perrette's Southern Gothic

Much more my style...

Meet Ms. Pauley Perrette, the true epitome of the Renaissance woman. Even though she is not beautiful in the classic sense, she is oddly attractive and has a killer body. Also, in the things of which I wholly approve, she's got the whole Southern Gothic thing down to a tee, as she's a native Louisianan, and has also made stops in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama , North and South Carolina.

Johnny Cash wasn't the only cracker who looked great in black...

Besides being A) goth-tacular and B) sexy, Pauley is a world class nerd and hella' talented chick. She earned her undergrad in Psych and Sociology, and then went on to earn her Master in Criminology. She is of course an actress on the popular snuff show, NCIS, where she plays the gothabilly lab tech, Abby Sciuto. In addition to her acting, she was also a musician, fronting the four-piece (now defunct) all-female rock/metal band, Lo-Ball. You really must check them out...good songs. As if that weren't enough, the inimitable Perrette also is a civil rights activist, and a spokesperson for the American Red Cross.

 You may know her from NCIS,  but she also has some serious NSFW creds (can you believe she is 40?! I know 22 year olds whose breasts aren't that pert).

Take a bow, Pauley. Take a bow.

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