Offending white girls, the Chinese, the President and the phrase "Real Negro"

In today's completely random YouTube moment. I bring you the damned funny, if not culturally insensitive, Mr. Peter Chao. Peter is an aspiring filmmaker and I hope he makes it. Check out his YouTube channel, and, at the end of this post, listen to him hate on YouTube haters (decidedly NSFW)*

Stop me if you've heard this before....So, there are these two Chinese guys chilling out in their Vancouver Chinatown apartment. One of them is hanging in his bathrobe, cuddling a can of room deodorizer as a trophy and re-enacting Taylor Swift's MTV Video Music Award Speech. Then our protagonist, Peter Chao enters, mthusiastically playing the role of Kanye West, and explaining his love of her "fatty ass" and his fear of Jay Z.  All the while, our dynamic duo speak in "Gunsmoke" Hop Sing* dialect, and manage to work in the phrase "Real Negro" when comparing Kanye to Obama**?  Verdict is PURE WIN 

**Hop Sing find this wrideo -oh so- hirarious

***Whereas, Obama just thinks he's a jackass....

***You wanna be te guy rit te two chopsticka stuck in te troat? Pure fucking gold...

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