Thursday Remembers When Metallica Didn't Suck: One

The first video ever for the heralded metal band Metallica, "One". Up until this moment, Metallica was a known commodity among critics and fans in the know, but they did not have the commercial success to match their considerable talents. And Justice for All...finally brought them that recognition, and was perhaps the crowning moment of the late Cliff Burton's song-writing talents.* However, while touring for Master of Puppets, we lost him in a bus accident, and the music world (to say nothing of the band) is much poorer for his absence. 

It is no coincidence that the band's next release (the Black Album, with such putrescence as "Enter Sandman," "Unforgiven," "Nothing Else Matters," etc.) was the first without Cliff and it clearly reflected a lack of his fire and brilliance. The rest you know e.g., turning into sell-out whores, Napster mafiosos, becoming dry drunks and wanna' be Southern Rockers. However, for now, sit back and enjoy artists at the peak of their genius.

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