Notre Dame Fightin Irish: Home of the Pansies?

Ok, I normally don't blog very much about football. I do love college football, though, and love it because A) Being an atheist, it's the only religion available to me. B) I played the sport from the time I was 5 until I was a freshman in college and got too dinged up, C) I am an Alabama alum, home of the most national titles in the sport, and D) It's a cultural thing, really.

That said, this post doesn't really have much to do with football. Actually, it's more about how the mighty have fallen, or how perceptions of toughness (and actual toughness) may not exist on the vaunted field in South Bend, Indiana. Home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Touchdown Jesus wants Notre Dame to stop acting like pussies.

So, that brings me to this pitiful story...

Notre Dame’s leading tackler, linebacker Manti Te’o, has a broken nose but should be OK to play this Saturday when the Irish visit Southern California.

Coach Brian Kelly said that Te’o had his nose set on Sunday, is doing well

Huh? What? Please tell me that a reporter (preferably an idiotic student reporter) asked this question. Or, please tell me that it was a joke? A slow news day? For chrissakes, it's football. Te'o is 6'4" 240 pounds. He's a middle linebacker, notorious for being the nastiest position on field. And there was even a question that a broken nose would keep him sidelined? Really?

Put it this way: little boys break their noses in little league and pee wee and rough-housing all the time. What do they do? Certainly not hold press conferences, and certainly not even raise the question that their activities, a full week in advance, would perhaps be impeded.

Pictured: tougher than a college football linebacker?


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