Monday is looking for a

Hope you and yours had a good holiday, and enjoyed spending time with the boils and ghouls of your choice. Besides spending the last week sleeping for 8 hours a night (unheard of for the last eight years!), I went bodysurfing, swimming, shopping, sight-seeing, cooking, hanging out with the meathead, and all-in-all, just enjoying life.

That said, it was a busy week in the law, particularly for the civil liberty end of things. Let's let old school Anthrax take it away...

"I Am The Law", live at the Hammersmith-Odeon in 1987.
Absolutely one of the finest live videos I've seen, "Nice Fuckin Life".



  1. Hey, wait a second. These guys aren't goth. I didn't realize that you were allowed to like metal and just fruity goth metal. I'll have to check my goth handbook.

  2. My comment was supposed to be both witty and funny. But there is a typo so it makes little sense.

    Keep on rocking.

  3. Variety is, as they say, the spice of life.

    Besides, when I was transitioning from piano to guitar, it was at the behest of Ms. Nancy Wilson's ear-crushing riff in "Barracuda". Lastly, the very first band I was in was a death metal outfit (don't laugh! Look at what Faster Pussycat eventually became!)

    Accordingly, there will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be a soft spot in my heart for distortion and spine crushing guitars :)

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