Absolutely awe-inducing. Sublime. Awesome. Powerful. Transcendent. Majestic. Terrifying.

Whatever adjectives you can conjure neither they, nor these photographs by Sean Heavey (Glasgow, Montana) can do justice to the power and majesty of nature's fury unleashed. These images are of the phenomenon known as a "supercell", a tornadic strength thunderstorm that drop out of the sky and wreak untold damage and horror.

Having lived through a few of these in the South, they are terrifying and awesome to behold. Mr. Heavey's photos, and the subsequent story in the Daily Mail (UK), are splendid.

Click for full-size pants-wetting.

Anyone else reminded of Nivens' classic "Mote in God's Eye"?

Seriously, go check out the Daily Mail's full story and many, many more images. Well worth your time.

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