As if a heart attack weren't merely bad enough...

 I wish I were talking about the "nurses" at the Heart Attack Grill...

In what could be this year's least stunning bit of scientific research, clinicians in Germany have found a link between corornary heart disease/heart attacks/strokes and impotence....

The University of Saarland report, published in the journal Circulation, suggests men with impotence should be checked for cardiovascular disease.
Some experts want doctors to ask about impotence in over-40s health checks.
Impotence is linked to inadequate blood flow in the penile arteries.
These are much smaller than coronary arteries.
So for some men, a persistent failure to get an erection might be an early sign that his arteries are narrowing.

 What do you mean, I can't get it up?

This really shouldn't surprise any...whatsover. The male penis is a feat of hydraulic engineering that requires adequate blood flow. No blood flow, no happy time. So, I guess we now get to amend the  heart attack symptoms and signs:
  • Tingling/Pain in the left side of the body
  • Left side facial pain
  • Crushing/tightness in the center of the chest
  • Fleshing/sweating...

and this...

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