Irony, thy name is delicious...Grave Robbin' Edition

Understated. I like it.
I've always maintained that I love people like a twisted version of Doctor Who loves people: That is to say, that I am amazed by them. Not necessarily by their stories, their deeds, their actions, their histories -- although there is that -- but mainly by the creative and seemingly endless ways in which we commit a variety of fuck ups, failures and foibles. 
In a sense we are spooky toddlers blundering around the planet like children performing brain surgery.

Pictured (L to R): Dr. Pookums and her charge nurse preparing for a routine micro-ablation of Broca's Region.

That said, imagine my delight when I read this story from the Chengdu Evening News via China Daily Mail.

A grave-robbing villager in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, surrendered to police on Friday after he killed a rival.
The fight was over who has the right to rob an ancient tomb.
Ye Guicai, 32, was a member of a gang that robbed a dozen graves. However, he recently learned about an ancient tomb near his house and when the gang tried to steal from it, Ye tried to claim it as his own.
However, the other members of the gang wanted to share the tomb's treasures and a fight broke out. During the fight, Ye used a knife to kill one of the other gang members.

This heart-warming tale of "WTF?" is brought to you by Rabid Seal (tm). When bats, badgers, dogs and raccoons just won't do for your rabies fix, try Rabid Seal (tm).

Seriously, you just can't make this shit up. Murdering one another over the right to unearth dead people's belongings. You know who approves of this? Loki, that's who; the only God that I see in daily life. Because, Loki knows, there is more than enough chaos, dickish irony, and black humor to go around.



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