Let's see what Mr. Shadow has been up to, shall we...

Oh, nothing much on this end. Besides lawyerin' and being intimidated by incredibly beautiful human beings (of all genders, races, sizes, religions, ethnicity, creeds and various permutations theref), I've just been taking it easy...catching some sights, you know, like...

Watching the locals and haoles engage in meaningful cultural exchange:

This is non-fiction, clearly. Her hair is not frizzy enough from humidity.

* * *

Visiting Kiluea's gentle lava flows roll into the sea. Perfectly safe:

Pompeii? Why do you ask?

 * * *

Commune with the peaceful, idyllic wildlife:

 More legs than a spider, less than a roly-poly.

 * * *
Enjoying the locally-grown foods and cuisine:

 The goat enjoys this less than you'd imagine.

* * *

Going for relaxing drives across the gentle island hills:

 Fifteen thousand feet, in one hour (from sea-level), should be manageable by car.

* * *
Watching the tide swell in, as the sun sets over Keauhou Bay:

These gentle giants of the ocean are so misunderstood and wrongly feared.

In all seriousness; this is a great place. I love it, and love the gig. The people are great. The island is amazing. The fruit and vegetables and fish, as well as beef, pork and chicken, are always fresh and always from local producers. There is one helluva' sticker shock when grocery shopping, and paying your electric bill. But, for the benefits of being in America, yet not having any vibe remotely resembling the States, this the choice for ex-pats of all ages and hues. Sorry, Mainland, I'll come visit. But I'm here for life.





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