Wednesday is NOT winning...

All but won my arbitration yesterday, thank you limine hearings. But was a long, long day.

Wednesday here is gloomy, raining and otherwise humpday 'meh'. Still, that's cool, maybe people will leave me the fuck alone and I can get my work done (or just get drunk in the office).

Let's have some appropriate apathy/self-loathing music, shall we? From New Orleans hails the progenitor of the Southern Sludge style: Crowbar. These guys are living legends, never mellowed one bit, and importantly, their lyrics are solely based on pain, self-loathing, anger, anger over pain, pain over self-loathing and self-loathing over anger (I believe you get the point now).

This little ditty has the appropriately uplifting title, "I have failed".

Do not listen to these lyrics if you've just been fired.
Trust me, I did it once...surprised I'm still here to tell the tale.

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