Monday, Monday.

Not a particularly great one: Through some extreme schmoozing was able to pick up an awesome client over the weekend, thus keeping alive the dream of paying off my student loans, in one lump sum cash payment...

But probably not anytime soon.

On the downside; one of my friend's firms went under on Thursday, on Friday several of my friends were disappointed as a $25bn dollar Boeing plant, and the associated $100 bn boost to the local economy, was submitted to Saint Louis rather than Mobile; on Saturday, found out a homie has MS, and another friend's sig o lost her job.

Add to that the fact that I'm in self-imposed detox (can't chew down Dilaudid 24/7 ya' know).

So, let's just permit Monday's grumpiness to rain down on us like Heaven's fury. In fact, there may even be a song about that...lemme' double check. Yep. There is.

Deicide's Angel of Agony.

Obnoxious. Loud.
Just the way Satan Rock is meant to be.


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