Absolutely Amazing Comeuppance for the "Fag Bashers"

So, Westboro Baptist Church (a/k/a "God Hates Fags" fucknuts), claim that Anonymous sent them messages trying to hack the Church, but that the Church and Jesus-H-Christ saved them where Amazon, eBay, Mastercard and Visa failed.

What happens next is pure classic fucking comedy cold. In a confrontation, Anonymous claims that the alleged "attacks" never happened, or were orchestrated by the Phelps Phreaks. Roper-Phelps, the mouthpiece for this vile "religious institution", then claims that nothing, no one...absolutely nothing can silence the church or shut down their words..."

Gotta' really see what happens, beginning at the 2:10 mark

Roper-Phelps  "I'm talking to a little Jew guy" 
Little Jew Guy "well, your websites are down now..."

Look on face? Classic.

I didn't realize that their version of a sodomy-obsessed, America-loathing, funeral-protesting,  fag-hating god was a n00b!

Seriously, 10 minutes long but a case study in unintended irony, schadenfreude and good ole' fashioned comeuppance. Good job, Anonymous. Again.



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