Monday's got a Malthusian Nightmare....

Techincally off today, but with depos tomorrow and Wednesday, I thought I'd give a series of stories with grim interconnectedness today: The death of our biosphere, resource wars, overpopulation and general fucked-upness within the next four decades.


In the meanwhile, please enjoy Nuclear Assault's seminal  Critical Mass. You could call these guys prototypical New York speed metal/thrash. But, like Slayer and all Devastation and Anthrax and all of the "speed bands" contemporaries, these guys are one short step removed from punk. Even closer, I'd say, since they are overtly political. And damned sure lefty.

Critical Mass addresses all of the things more and more relevant with each passing day, features a dead-sexy Jessica Haun lounging by a refinery, and, because they were pretty serious about lyrics, even has a yellow-bouncy ball for the lyrics.

Good shit. Enjoy.


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